Meet Your Designer, Pia

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Pia brings her seemingly effortless style and European sensibility to the Green Lake studio. Adored by her clients for her natural rapport and thoughtful designs, Pia is well known for her gestural sketching style to quickly communicate innovative concepts. From there, Pia refines every detail to perfection for each of her clients. Let’s get to know Pia!

La Dolce Vita

With her Italian background, Pia’s passion for pizza, spritz, negronis, wine, espresso, and homegrown tomatoes is apparent! If you’re a foodie or wine lover, Pia’s picks are always welcome leads to new favorites. Check out @piapizza to see more of Pia’s food adventures.

A Medley of Pia’s Signature Styles

Modern Designs

Skilled at making modern designs full of character, we love these combinations from Pia that play with geometry to create true originals. Each one is complexly beautiful.

Design No. 131059

Intricate Filigree Patterns

There are so many ways to utilize filigree in a design. These engagement rings from Pia show that there’s more than one way to execute a design detail. Each of these rings all have filigree shoulders, but in their own unique way! (Be sure to check out Pia’s sketchbook below for more filigree examples.)

Flowing Engraving Patterns

A custom pattern is a wonderful way to customize a simple wedding band. These patterns often highlight design features from the engagement ring to make a lovely wedding set combination.

Inside Pia’s Sketchbook

Swirls and Curls

Swirling and curling designs can be made to fit the motifs (like infinity loops, or diamond swirls) that you prefer most as your ring is customized. See how these sketches guided the final design!


A favorite echinachea flower is transformed into a glorious cocktail ring design. Pia shows some of the many ways you can add floral details, large and small.


A delicate feather is a beautiful inspiration for an engagement ring. Fine filigree and engraving add that signature light and airy feel to the finished ring designs.

Mountain Ranges

There are many ways to add a mountain motif to a design both prominent and more ‘hidden’. Sometimes the best custom details are only the ones you know about!

Nature Inspired

Natural designs can celebrate a variety of inspirations: from the golden leaves of fall, a juniper branch, or a Montana sapphire found in a river bed. Custom design your own ring with Pia inspired by your favorite nature element.

Flowing Filigree

Wild and vine-like filigree creates remarkably romantic finished rings. We love to see the sketches that inspire the work that takes place at the jeweler’s bench as they add each filigree wire by hand.

Unique Under Galleries

There’s lots of opportunity to add design elements to the gallery of your engagement ring, and what makes Pia an asset to your design is her ability to bring all the angles of the design together into one remarkable piece of jewelry.

Vintage Inspired Classics

Vintage details add a lot of character to these classic halo and three stone style rings. What vintage details would you add to your classic ring?

Family Jewelry

Inspired by family, these designs show the many ways you can add memories of your family to rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Design No. 102244

A Presto!

See You Soon!