Meet Your Designer, Mitch

March 3rd, 2021
Categorized under: Designers

Mitch has worked in the fine jewelry business and design for over 24 years and has been with Green Lake Jewelry Works for the last decade. He finds the exciting part about being an artist at Green Lake is having the opportunity to work with great people and the ability to design and create personalized one-of-a-kind jewelry!

Geometric Designs

Mitch attended Portland State University where he studied art and architecture, finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Art and Sculpture at Marylhurst College in West Linn, Oregon.

Contemporary Pavé Designs

While attending Marylhurst College, Mitch worked for a luxury jewelry retailer that specializes in custom design, fine diamonds and gemstones. Mitch quickly found the jewelry industry to be an exciting and rewarding career and has been in the industry ever since.

Classic Pavé

Mitch moved to Seattle in 2000 and loves living in such a creative and culturally diverse city.

Three Stone Pavé

Mitch’s love for design and style is an integral part of his life through his interiors, fashion, and design aesthetic.

Start a custom design with Mitch virtually or at our Bellevue Studio.

Welcome to a World of Color

Create a gorgeous custom design with all your favorite colors. Mitch loves to help his clients discover the perfect gemstone to capture their personality.

Unique Halos

Every ring can have a special design element! Vary the size and color of your gemstones for an incredible halo, or work with dainty and delicate design elements to create a vintage inspired design.

Dainty Engagement Rings

Mitch studied Sculpture while attending Marylhurst College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree.  Large abstract steel and metal sculpture were Mitch’s primary focus which translates to many of the jewelry designs he has created while at Green Lake Jewelry.  The mix of different shapes and angles creating asymmetrical designs has always been appealing.  Mitch enjoys creating unusual and dynamic pieces for eclectic and art-focused clientele.  Here are examples of this genre.

Curvy and Sculptural Designs


This intense multi-colored gemstone encrusted ring consists of sapphires,emeralds and opal in a layered composition creating a whirlwind of color and “SPARKLE”!  Anything is possible.


Created for bicycle enthusiast Mat S., this unique wrap style creates movement like gears on a bike.  Mitch also created a clever “wheel and spoke” design on the underside of the ring.

Mitch, Awesome! That’s exactly what I wanted.  You nailed it! Thanks, Mat


A round mint Montana sapphire is the center of this opal flower with cabochon opal petals and diamond filled swirls.


Rose gold tigers with hand-engraved stripes face-off against a honeycomb pattern of yellow gold. Interlocking platinum gears finish this incredible multi-metal wedding band design.

Curving organic designs are also marked by Mitch’s sculptural influences. We love how he makes the metal flow as ‘new growth’ and swirling vines.

Flowing Nature Designs

Mitch’s keen eye for balance with organic forms also translates beautifully to swirling two-dimensional patterns in engraving and filigree. Create your own custom pattern with Mitch’s expertise! Listening to a client’s ideas is where Mitch starts the design journey with his clients.

One-Of-A-Kind Patterns