Meet Your Designer, Lena

Award Winning Illustrator. Using art to investigate ideas.

An award winning illustrator, Lena is an experienced designer with strong digital and hand illustration skills, and years of practical experience applying her skills to custom jewelry design.

A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Lena uses her art to investigate ideas and view the end product as a recording of her experience with a chosen concept. While her jewelry designs draw upon direct observation while working with existing concepts, they also depend on memory and imagination to organize elements into a cohesive whole.Intricate, beautiful, detailed, and structured—those are the words to describe her artful designs. Inspired by art from different times and places, sculpture and architecture, she knows how to bring a certain feel to a project. Lena designs exceptional diamond Jewelry for the modern individual, creating heirlooms for future generations.

-An Art Nouveau Inspired Piece-

Lena grew up in Russia surrounded by art, and architecture, and sculpture which influenced her jewelry design pieces. She began her career in jewelry working for fashion oriented global company; made modern designs inspired by latest trends. Moving back from New York to Seattle, Lena was looking for local jewelry company where she could explore more unique and one of a kind projects. Luckily she found Green Lake Jewelry Works. Although her roots will always remain in Russia, Lena now calls Seattle home.

Favorite Golden Halos

-A Victorian Inspired Design-

Design No. 145199

-A Diamond & Opal Ring-

-A Canary Diamond Engagement Ring-

Artist Statement:

My ultimate goal is to make sure all my jewelry is beautiful, wearable, and loved. I believe that pieces I create for each customer capture a moment in time of their lives; telling their stories. I am proud and honored to be included in that moment

-Elegant Sapphire & Fern Engagement Ring-