Meet your Designer, Erich

Bring your inspirations to life. Collaborate with a talented painter.

Erich is a freelance illustrator and exhibiting painter who started out as an expatriate living in the heart of Austria, before moving to the United States. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Movement, form, and color all play key parts in Erich’s paintings. Wherever possible, he tries to fill the pictures he makes with a deep affection for nature and the animal world, without losing sight of the stories they can tell.

An End of History

Every story describes the connections and relationships between people and things that seemed separate before they found each other.  In the same way, Erich fills his paintings with meaningful symbols and characters whose relationship describes ideas with wonder and emotion. Like partners, the animals and treasures he paints create something greater than the sum of their parts, together.

Anything that is beautiful can be filled with personal meaning, and many things become beautiful precisely by doing so. Even a painting is just pigment on a canvas, but with care and purpose, it can describe all the highs and lows of human life. 

In the same way, a piece of jewelry that’s made with someone else in mind becomes more than the metal and stones that are used to create it. It’s a symbol of something much more valuable, the connection between two people who know and love each other.

Jewelry, and in particular cut gems, always had a great allure to me, long before they showed up in my paintings. When I was a boy, we took a trip to Vienna once and went exploring the city. One of the places we passed was a collectible shop, full of crystal animal sculptures, with elaborate Art Nouveau metalwork on the door and windows, and I remember being really taken with what I saw. The idea followed me throughout my life, that one could use something as cool and bright and delicate and sharp as a gem to make an art piece that described an animal, a living thing.

In 2011, he began pursuing a career in fine jewelry, beginning with an AJP certification from the Gemological Institute of America. Since then, he has applied his skills in art to designing custom engagement, wedding, and family jewelry. Drawing on multicultural inspirations from both sides of the Atlantic, his style combines unique blends of Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles with a focus on blends of colored gemstones.

Erich believes in the unique power of fine jewelry to tell the story of its owner, and approaches each piece as an opportunity to capture the personality and history of his clients.

Erich’s Innovative Jewelry Designs

Fantastical Two-Tone Jewelry Designs

A mixing of metals in both organic, geometrical precision brings dimension to each bespoke jewelry design.

Design No. 152396

Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings

Highlighting the unique cuts of each diamond, Erich’s engagement ring designs reflect the personality and style of his custom design clients.

Vintage Sapphire Jewelry Designs

With old-world jewelry techniques, Green Lake can bring Erich’s heirloom inspired jewelry designs to life.

Jewelry Inspired by Special Places

Hidden waterfalls, mountain ranges, and lakes are incorperated into wearable works of art celebrating a special place.

Floral Ring Designs

Roses, peonies, and golden California poppies adorn these bespoke designs. Create your own unique floral design with Erich inspired by your favorite bloom!

Inside Erich’s Sketchbook