Meet Your Designer, Amber

November 20th, 2020
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For the past fifteen years, Senior Designer Amber has collaborated with countless couples to create their perfect rings. Amber’s dedication to building a genuine rapport with each couple is evident in the array of incredible jewelry designs she has created at Green Lake. Since she is so fond of meeting new clients, we’re excited to introduce you to Amber!

A Passion For Jewelry

I started at Green Lake after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle with an Industrial Design degree. The jewelry industry opened up a passion in me that I didn’t know was there. I didn’t grow up loving jewelry, but while at the Art Institute I took an introduction to jewelry making and my fire was finally lit. From there, I knew I would be in the jewelry industry and that there were endless aspects to learn about how to design and make jewelry.

Working for Green Lake over the years, I have designed and made thousands of rings for people. The best part of what I do is that I get to meet amazing people who are also passionate about designing and making cool things!

Getting To Know Clients

Every one of my clients has a memorable story of what they want to make and why. When we dive into how special the piece of jewelry they’d like to create is, and I get to understand what they are hoping to say with the piece we are designing together… That’s when we really start to have fun! 

Everyone also has their own individual style and tastes. My greatest passion is discovering what they love, and infusing it with my design sense to tastefully combine all of those details that are important to them. What we create is handcrafted art that is an expression of their excitement to start their lives together.

Let’s Collaborate!

When our clients are passionate about creating something amazing together, we grow a relationship along the way. This bond strengthens the design because we have mutual trust and respect for each other as a team. My number-one goal is to provide a fun and easy experience for all of my customers. Their happiness and satisfaction is all I want at the end of the process. 

Below are just a few of the wonderful clients I have had the chance to collaborate with. It’s always a pleasure getting to know my clients and designing with them. I look forward to the chance to work with you on your next family heirloom!

 -Ciana & Chris-

We designed an amazing wedding suite and we had such a good time. When I connect with people, it’s like we are going to be friends for life. I know we will have years of fun projects together. 

This sketch illustrates how the engagement ring will fit into a custom ring jacket, and how the two pieces can be worn together.


Each project Tim brings to the studio is challenging and fun. He always has these big ideas and it is an adventure to work together. His pieces of jewelry are intensely creative and he is a fascinating person to collaborate with throughout the design process.

Jiho & Eunice

Part of what makes custom jewelry so rewarding is working with such wonderful couples. Jiho and Eunice are so sweet and fun to work with. It was a pleasure creating this beautiful design with them.

-Annabelle & Erik-

Erik and Annabelle have made a number of rings with us, including one of my favorite men’s wedding bands ever! Their ring designs each play off the geometry of the other. They are genuinely good people, and I love working with them every time.

Create Your Own Heirloom

Start a custom design with Amber today! Schedule an appointment online for a virtual or in-person design consultation at our Bellevue studio. She’s excited to help you create your very own work of art!