Platinum mounting with princess-cut diamond center stone and flush set round black diamonds along a custom designed Euro shank.

This month we recognize the ring which received the most votes online and in-store, thereby winning the cherished Green Lake Jewelry Works’ Design of the Month Trophy.

This ring is actually our second take on what the client wanted in their ring. It serves as a really great example for the custom design process and Green Lake’s custom guarantee: Folks who work with us to create a custom original and don’t absolutely love it in the end have the opportunity to modify it, redesign it, or simply start over for free. Sketches and 3D renderings and wax models typically allow for this kind of rework and alterations along the way, but sometimes the ring  has to be seen finished on the finger to truly know if it’s meant to be with you for a lifetime– and we recognize that.

The original inspiration here drew on clean Art Deco lines reminiscent of vintage fans and architectural sconces from that period. Here are some great images which document how this ring was finally made perfect, start to finish:

Original sketch and wax

Original finished piece

Upon the remake, the original deco lines were reimagined to be bolder, stronger, and yet mimic  subtle folds of fabric.

Sketch and wax of remake

By fanning out the shank as it rose, adding more dramatic chevron prongs, and incoporoating more subtle details into each fold of metal, the second iteration of this ring better met the client’s ambitions for the overall look.


Reworked piece finished

Green Lake Desinger Melissa Tuttle worked on making this 10-year anniversary ring perfect; which, as its owner commented, bookended nicely since it was Melissa’s father Jim who helped to create the original wedding ring!