Our Top 16 Online Ring Designs

Green Lake Jewelry has worked with couples across the country and around the world to design extraordinary custom designs. Here are sixteen of our most memorable custom ring designs, created entirely through our Design Page online portal. Start your own Design Page and speak to a designer today!

1. A Rose Gold Rose Ring In Texas

Making custom additions to a Green Lake design is easy to do online! Select favorite gemstones from our Gem Gallery, then share your favorite styles with your designer to make the perfect ring or you.

“It is the most literal use of the word “awesome.” I am just completely astonished at how well that turned out. It’s absolutely perfect. I cannot think of anything I’d want to change about it at all. Thank you so much for all your assistance. Amazing.” -Nick

2. A Bunny Ring In San Francisco

Hear directly from a Green Lake client why they loved their online design experience:

“I discovered Green Lake on Instagram and was very impressed by the wide variety of rings they created. Green Lake is especially known for their unique custom designs and their use of Montana Sapphires, which was perfect for me because since I was looking for something a little different. 🙂

Working with our designer, Ben Marchant, was an absolute pleasure. We told him that we wanted a design with bunnies incorporated in some way, and within a week, Ben was able to sketch out a dozen different designs that we got to choose from. After we finalized a design, Ben also helped us choose the best accompanying side stones and provided a 3D rendering of what the ring would look like.

Despite living in San Francisco, communication with Ben was very smooth, and we felt very lucky that we had him as our designer. He addressed every one of our concerns, and made sure we felt taken care of! Overall, we are in love with the final engagement ring and wedding band, and would recommend Green Lake to anyone!” -Yuan

3. An Edwardian Inspired Ring In Colorado

Vintage-inspired rings are our specialty! Designer Amber shared gorgeous sketches with her client on their design page to illustrate how the final design would look.

“Hi Amber! I just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful ring. We got engaged last month in Mexico and this ring is more beautiful than I could’ve ever expected. You did a beautiful job!!! Thank you soooo much!” -Brooke

4. A Ring For A Bookworm In
San Diego

This surprise engagement ring features delicate rose gold filigree and hand-engraved scroll and half-wheat patterns. In order to fulfill the request of the fiancée to add a “literary flair” to her ring, the clever addition of an open book in the side gallery of the ring. Our designers have a library of knowledge of ways to add unique details to custom designs!

“I am absolutely in love with my engagement ring. It’s perfect in every way. You did an incredible job.” -Sam

5. A Diamond Swirl Halo In Illinois

We love how this unique halo turned out by combining elements from many different rings the client sent in. Share your favorite rings styles and we’ll combine them into your perfect ring!

‘Wow…. I am so very happy with this end result. I am beyond words… It IS stunning. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me in this journey. It is truly beautiful and I am very thankful to you and your team who helped in this design from the ground up. It is true craftsmanship. Thank you so much.” -Jimmy

6. A Mandala Halo In South Carolina

This surprise custom engagement ring was designed entirely through online collaboration with the client and Green Lake designer Chelsea, and was featured in our Best Ring Designs of 2019! No design is too complex to be designed online.

Design No. 142463

“AMAZING!!!” -Marcus

7. A Pear Cut Three-Stone In L.A.

Every ring at Green Lake starts with a sketch, and online, we take the same approach creating iterations of sketches and concepts to share with you. This design features a truly unique under-gallery inspired by a client’s photo of a ring they liked, but wasn’t quite what they were looking for. We’re happy to say she loves the final design!

“I just wanted to say thank you to the whole team for their hard work. You guys really do make dreams come true. Much love, Kristen.”

8. A Floral Halo In Maryland

This engagement ring by designer Sophia was also part of our Top Rings of 2019 and was designed entirely online. It features a floral under-gallery design that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Design No. 133792

“Wow…i just can’t tell you how beautiful this thing is. And Pat had me so surprised!!! Thank you for all of your help, it is truly perfect.” -Kaila

9. An Edgy Vintage Design In
Orange County, CA

Can you see the hidden intertwined snakes in this ring design? Custom designing a ring means you can include all the details that are meaningful to you. No two rings we make are exactly alike!

“I got on 2 knees for the proposal….she said YES and loved the ring! Thank you again for all the hard work. PS…..she said thank you and the ring is perfect!!!!” -Marcos

10. A Golden Maple Leaf Ring In NY

This golden maple leaf band was designed entirely online as well! We love the hand-engraved addition of the fiancée’s fingerprint as a textured background, almost evoking ripples in the water.

Design No. 142355

“Sophia….I can’t even. Like, pictures do not do it justice…. it looks and feels so amazing and it looks fantastic on me. [The Leaves] seem to sit just slightly above the metal, and like you said, they look just like they’re floating a bit. It’s incredible how that effect was expertly achieved. It’s simply gorgeous. Thank you 🙂 ” -Andrew

11. An Anniversary Ring In Hawaii

A special anniversary is the perfect occasion to celebrate with a custom design. Starting a Design Page is an easy way to start a project and save ideas for an upcoming anniversary. You can even make a secret profile if it is a surprise!

“Aloha Sophia, I really love my ring!…What I like best about it, so far, is how delicate the design is. I love the sweeping ribbon elements and the pear diamond design. I also appreciate how low the center diamond sits. My husband loves all the curving elements like the center prongs, the side ribbons, the curved pear diamond prongs. The design is very cohesive. 
I’ll probably like something else best tomorrow 🙂 My friends are telling me that my ring is the most beautiful ring they’ve ever seen! Of course, I think so too :)” – Jane 

12. A Teton Mountain Ring In AZ

Custom designing a ring means you can include places that are meaningful to you! This design features a custom hand-carved mountain range framing the bead-set diamond halo of the ring.

“Hi Amber, Annie can’t stop staring at it and it has put a permanent smile on her face. Thank you and your team so much for all of your hard work and meticulous attention to the detail we asked for. We can’t imagine having anything else for our engagement. Thanks again for everything.” -Matt & Annie

13. Tulip Engagement Ring In NY

If you’ve been spending all your time searching for a ring that includes everything you’re looking for, you are one step away from making a custom design! Share all the styles you love with a Green Lake designer on your Design Page, and let us incorporate your favorite elements into your dream ring. You’ll save a lot of time and energy working with a designer rather than continuing a tedious search for a piece of jewelry that doesn’t exist… yet!

“Seriously thank you again, Nicole loves this ring! The minute she saw it she started crying and said yes! It looks like a stunning antique inspired lotus blossom/rose marquise design- plus the engraving on the band and inside. She hasn’t been able to stop staring at it and it fits perfectly. Sophia it really is perfection- everything came together and is beyond our expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Donovan

14. An Exquisite Emerald Ring In Eastern Washington

This pear emerald ring was designed entirely online by Green Lake Jewelry designer Rebecca, in collaboration with her client who lives on the other side of the state. 

Design No. 137469

“I just received the ring this evening! The ring is beautiful and looks very antique. It is indeed everything that I wanted! My mother and sister were both present when I unwrapped it and they love it too!… Thank you so much for all your patience with the process!”-Natalia 

15. A Nature Inspired Ring In Southern California

We’ll let client Jocelyn share her experience with designing online. She had a fabulous time with her designer, Ben.

The team that works at Green Lake Jewelry are simply outstanding. It is a very detailed process to design a custom ring. The designer draws a rough sketch with color, then if you approve, the CAD engineers draw it up to scale (with color and with the center stone you pick)….

The designer keeps the client updated through the design page with lovely photos of progress, the communication is stellar, any questions I had were immediately addressed, and any concerns were assuaged with knowledgeable explanations. I actually learned a great deal during this process which makes my ring even more special and a perfect fit to my personality and love of nature. I HIGHLY recommend Green Lake Jewelry for anyone looking for a one of a kind design piece. They listen to your ideas and even add on with design ideas/suggestions that enrich the clients experience. They are also very timely with the entire process. I offer my sincere gratitude for the team at Green Lake Jewelry!” -Jocelyn

16. A Floral Ring In Europe

Green Lake has made rings for clients around the world who are looking for a truly unique ring. We’ve worked with hundreds of expats and military couples to make their dream rings, entirely online!

“Everything was perfect!  The ring….looked as beautiful as I dreamt it to be. 
And it looks even more fantastic on my fiancée’s finger – she said yes =) 
She loves this piece of art so much, thank you!” -Bernhard