Cushion Cut Diamonds

It’s no wonder cushion cut diamonds are one of our most popular centerpieces for a custom design! Their unique range of dimensions makes them perfect for many engagement ring styles. Square and elongated cushion cut diamonds are now joined by more unusual lab diamonds cut into unique vintage patterns.

Below are some of our favorite ways to set a cushion diamond. What design would you pick as a starting point for your custom engagement ring? Click through any of the following images to add one of these beautiful designs to your Design Page favorites!

Do you prefer (from left to right) a square cushion, an elongated cushion, or a vintage cushion?

Classic Elongated Cushions

East-West Cushions

Elongated Cushion Three-Stones

Elongated Cushion Two-Stones

Classic Square Cushion Rings

Kite-Set Cushions

Square Cushions In Flowing Designs

Square Cushions In Geometric Designs

Square Cushions In Vintage Designs

Square Cushions In Three-Stone Designs