Find Your Favorite Gemstone Color!

Bring vibrant color into your life by choosing a beautifully colored gemstone for your engagement ring! Though considered non-traditional by some, we find that introducing color into an engagement ring can instantly infuse a piece of jewelry with your personal style. Since we specialize in custom jewelry and don’t create a ‘line’ of the same rings over and over, our gem lab is filled with one-of-a-kind gemstones that have been curated by our gem buyers. Start your ring with a unique gemstone that no one else will have!

If you’re looking for a colored gemstone for an engagement ring,
here are a few tips before diving into all the colors at your fingertips:

Be open to different shapes.

If you’re shopping for color, don’t overthink the shape of your center stone. The majority of the gems shown below are naturally made in the earth. A lapidary takes that rough material to cut a gem that will maximize the color, brilliance, and size of the final gemstone while avoiding inclusions. Each gem that’s created by the hand of a lapidary is rare and beautiful in its own way. If you find an oval gemstone that is your perfect color, but you thought you would have a round gemstone in your ring, that oval may very well be the perfect gem for you! Our designers can show you how the ring with a round center diamond will translate to having a yellow pear-cut diamond or a mint oval sapphire.

Plan for a lifetime of wear.

We love all kinds of gemstones! There really is a great variety in color and type of gemstone you can choose for a piece of jewelry. That being said, we create engagement rings that will be worn every day for a lifetime, and some gems are not hard enough to be worn with that kind of dedication! That’s why our studio’s go-to gemstones for engagement rings are sapphires and diamonds, and we’re upfront with you about gemstone durability so you’ll be happy with you rings as you wear them over the years. Sapphires and diamonds can come in a variety of really incredible colors, and our designers will let you know what gems would be the perfect match for you.

You can’t go wrong with color.

When picking a colored gemstone, there’s no wrong choice! Find a stone that is beautiful and meaningful to you. It’s your ring, and you can celebrate with all the colors you love. Let our designers know what gems you are interested in from our collection, and they can send you additional photos and videos of them side by side on their hand so you can find the perfect gem for your ring.

Light Pink

If you are dreaming of a delicate pale pink, sapphires are a great option as a center stone. Many of our clients love to pair pink gems with rose gold to enhance the rosy hue of their sapphire.

Our Favorite Light Pink Gemstones


Coral-colored gems make for a vibrant and stunning center! Below is a mix of natural sapphires, lab sapphires, and diamonds that achieve a coral color. If you’re interested in coral gemstones, you might want our gem lab to help you source a padparadscha! Based on the Sanskrit word for the lotus blossom that their color evokes, padparadschas are rare sapphires that are a beautiful mix of pink and orange.d

Our Favorite Coral Gemstones


Sapphires (and even diamonds) can be a bold orange! Pick from a more golden orange or amber color as you explore the range of orange gemstones. We think translucent orange gems are a gorgeous choice, but also a more included and opaque rustic diamond can achieve a stunning orange hue with the minerals captured inside.

Our Favorite Orange Gemstones


A rich cognac diamond is a beautiful focal point to a vintage style ring. If you’re an old soul, a cognac diamond gives instant ‘patina’ and softness to a design. If a traditional colorless diamond is a crisp white sheet of paper, cognac diamonds are the pages of a well-loved and weathered book.

Our Favorite Cognac Gemstones


If you’re not one for high contrast and love muted neutrals, champagne diamonds can add a beautiful sparkle to a halo or vintage style ring. Their understated color and warmth are a beautiful choice for a center stone.

Our Favorite Champagne Gemstones


For a peachy colored stone, morganite has proven a popular choice on Pinterest. However, they are a softer gemstone that isn’t well-suited to everyday wear and tear. For the sake of durability and longevity, we love educating clients that sapphires can exhibit this color too! Heighten the saturation of your peach sapphire by setting it in a rose or yellow gold setting, and know that you can enjoy wearing your gem for years to come.

Our Favorite Peach Gemstones


For a yellow center with incredible brilliance, yellow diamonds are a beautiful and eye-catching option. Rustic yellow diamonds can have an intense yellow shade as well. An opaque rose cut is perfect for a rustic or bohemian design! And lastly, don’t forget about sapphires, as they can be a beautiful representative of this sunny shade as well.

Our Favorite Yellow Gemstones


An olive sapphire or diamond can make a gorgeous center to an array of styles. We love playing up their neutral nature with a white gold setting.

Our Favorite Olive Gemstones

Spring Green

Try green gold to play up the unique shade of your sapphire for a vibrant and lively play of color! Though softer, tsavorite garnets are a lovely choice to celebrate this color in a special occasion ring. For an engagement ring, a spring green Montana sapphire is a more durable focal point, bursting with life and energy!

Our Favorite Spring Green Gemstones

Mint Green

Calm and tranquil, light mint green was a popular color during the Art Deco period, and therefore lends itself elegantly to geometric and vintage-style settings. For a peaceful nature-inspired design, a mint sapphire is evocative of budding flowers and the tender growth of new vines.

Our Favorite Mint Green Gemstones

Emerald Green

Emerald: a color so emblematic, only one gemstone could fit the bill! Due to the crystal structure of an emerald, the most common cut is a linear step-cut pattern that doesn’t have to work against what nature has created. On the other hand, lab-created emeralds are a great value and have fewer inclusions, and offer more shape options if a natural emerald is outside your budget.

Our Favorite Emerald Gemstones

Forest Green

A deep rich green plays well with rose gold, but also creates contrast against the brightness of platinum. We love a forest-green sapphire in a nature-inspired design, or in rings that highlight metalwork since their dark coloring brings out the details of bright metals.

Our Favorite Forest-Green Gemstones


This beautiful blend of blue and green can be found in many softer gems, such as tourmaline. However, our hands-down favorite teal gemstone is the Montana sapphire, which are known and beloved for the wide variety of blue-green shades they display.

Our Favorite Teal Gemstones

Light Blue

For many, light blue brings to mind aquamarines gemstones, although there are many gorgeous sapphires that share this lovely, cool hue!

Our Favorite Light-Blue Gemstones

Cerulean Blue

For a rich royal blue, a natural Ceylon sapphire or a lab-created sapphire is a perfect choice. For a more local gem, a heat-treated Montana sapphire can be a darker blue option for a center stone too.

Our Favorite Cerulean-Blue Gemstones

Periwinkle Blue

A beautiful blue with a tinge of violet, periwinkle gemstones can be incredibly vibrant and a beautiful color if you feel cerulean blue is too dark.

Our Favorite Periwinkle Gemstones


For a subdued grey-purple, Montana sapphires are one of our favorite locations to source this stunning lavender color!

Our Favorite Lavender Gemstones


For a vivacious center, purple shades with a hint of pink can make a lovely focal point to a ring design. We love accenting these gems with swirling platinum designs that enhance their mystical color!

Our Favorite Lilac Gemstones


A deep, saturated purple is a gorgeous choice as a center stone. Many think of amethyst as the iconic purple gem, but sapphires are the best option for a lifetime engagement ring. In fact, all the rings shown below feature sapphires!

Our Favorite Purple Gemstones


This deep, rich pink is best worn every day as a sapphire, but a spinel is a lovely option if you are looking to make a special occasion or cocktail-style ring.

Our Favorite Raspberry Gemstones


Bright and alluring fuchsia can be set in a range of metals colors and is best represented by sapphire in an engagement ring. Start with your favorite fuchsia gem, and build your ring to fit!

Our Favorite Fuschia Gemstones


When you think of red, you think of rubies. While natural rubies are extremely rare, they are another great option for an engagement ring because they are both beautiful and durable.

Our Favorite Ruby Gemstones


For a dramatic design, a deep maroon can add lend moody contrast to the bright and shiny metal setting.

Our Favorite Maroon Gemstones

Dark Brown

For a deep and rich dark brown, rustic diamonds are the perfect gemstone! In a variety of shapes, a rose cut set in a halo, or even a more vintage styled setting is a bohemian dream ring.

Our Favorite Dark-Brown Gemstones


As a non-traditional center stone, black diamonds have the versatility to shine in a multitude of styles, from minimal to more extravagant settings. We love setting black diamonds in vintage-style rings to give a the ring an evocative Gothic feel.

Our Favorite Black Gemstones


Grey center stones get their coloration from internal inclusions that are dispersed throughout the diamond. Often referred to as salt-and-pepper diamonds, we love setting them on a plate of metal to give them a glow from within.

Our Favorite Grey Gemstones