Celestial Jewelry

Design No. 122911

Get inspired with some of our favorite celestial custom rings and jewelry! Personalize your design with your favorite stars, moons, and galaxies to create a truly unique piece. Start by collaborating with your personal designer today!

Compass Star Rings

A halo with North, South, East, and West accents makes a beautiful compass-style star in this trio of engagement rings. Personalize any halo design from Green Lake Jewelry Works with a unique accent gem arrangement!


Customize your design with a meaningful constellation. We love these as engraved detail.

Hidden Moons

Your ring’s gallery is the perfect place to include a romantic detail. Did you see a moon on your first date? Include your story as a couple in your ring design!

Star Setting

One of our favorite custom setting styles is a bead or flush set diamond accented by engraved outlines. Beautiful as both an orderly, or random pattern, star accent gems brighten any band design!

Diamond Sun

Clusters of melee and baguette diamonds accent a center diamond creating a sun-ray effect.

Engraved Shooting Stars

Flowing engraved lines create a beautiful shooting star effect.

Galaxy Halos

A swirling halo pattern can evoke the spin of an entire galaxy. Add a pop of color for a dramatic look.

Gemstone Starbursts

An engraved plate under a rose cut center stone can create a stunning starburst effect. Personalize your rose cut diamond with a unique engraving pattern.

Half-Moon Diamonds

Half moon diamonds give a three stone ring a unique twist and a lunar feel.

Tiny Suns

A small sun detail can add a theme of brightness and optimism to an engagement ring or wedding band. Celebrate all the days ahead!

Star Wedding Bands

If you have a more classic engagement ring, use your wedding band as an opportunity to let your creativity flourish. Adding small stars and accent gems can make a lovely addition to a wedding band accompanying a solitaire or cluster style ring. Add a vintage flair with an Art Deco-inspired star motif.

Moon Pendants

Create a custom moon pendant personalized with diamond stars… or make one inspired by a total eclipse!

Shooting Stars

Swirling strands of filigree or accent diamonds both create a sense of movement in these custom rings. What kinds of stars would you add to your engagement ring?

Space Textures

Inspired by the textures of the Moon and Mars, these wedding bands feature some incredible details!

Star Engagement Rings

Large or small, stars can add a beautiful base structure to a design or a tiny array of detail. We love both looks!

Star Halos

A halo can be a lovely way to create a pointed star outline with a round or oval gemstone. Pear and marquise diamonds add lovely dimension to many of these halo designs.

Star Patterns

Hand-engraved or hand-forged mokume stars are both beautiful ways to add a repeating star motif to a wedding band.

Salt and Pepper Moons

A salt and pepper diamond can give any ring design a lunar twist! Explore our rustic diamonds to find unique gemstones to represent moons and planets in your custom design.

Star Pendants

From swirly to more geometric styles, a star pendant is the perfect gift for someone special in your life.


A crisp hand-engraved starburst has so much dimension and sparkles in the light just like a star in the night sky.

Moon Phases

A geometric detail perfect for a band or gallery, phases of the moon are a beautiful way to show the passage of time in your ring.

Starry Skies

Scattered diamonds flush set in a mountain band evoke an endless night sky. Start with your favorite landscape to make your special design.

Tiny Moons

Little crescent moons are a beautiful way to draw your eye inward to a central gemstone. Add one for an almost halo-like feature or two for a more framed style.

Star Sapphires

What gemstone is more celestial than a cabochon star sapphire! We love how the light interacts with these sapphire at every angle creating a unique graphic element. They are perfect for any fantasy-inspired design.