Best of 2023

It’s the time of year when we get to celebrate all of the incredible designs our team has been so lucky to work on throughout 2023. This year marked so many thoughtful pieces imagined by our couples’ creativity. Every BEST OF just keeps getting better and better thanks to your inspiration!


Art Nouveau Sapphire Swirl Ring

This elegant design from Designer Lena at our Bellevue studio features an oval 1.59 carat sapphire in an intricate swirl setting with Art Nouveau influences. Marquise and pear shaped diamonds fill the spaces created by the filigree curls, adding additional sparkle.

Designer: Lena • CAD: Britt • Jeweler: Vesko

Diamond and Golden Curl Necklace

This gorgeous necklace design was created based on a client’s wish for a modern necklace with a wink to the past. The elegant V shape achieves a modern silhouette while delicate curls fill panels edged in pavé diamonds. A marquise diamond is a beautiful point of sparkle in this intricate necklace. Be sure to keep scrolling to the next category to see more enchanting marquise diamond designs!

Designer: Ellen • Sketch: Chelsea • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Mac

Swirl Engraved Mobius Ring

One of our most popular rings of the year, the mobius twist band, saw a variety of intricate iterations as clients personalized their rings with custom engravings. Designer Christine at our Seattle studio collaborated with her client to create this unique swirl, star, and moon pattern that meandered over the planes of the ring to represent the dance of Pluto & Charon as they rotate around each other through space. The engagement ring from this wedding set is also featured below!

Designer: Christine • CAD: Inae • Jeweler: Tim

Tim and Carmen were such a lovely couple to work with! They both wanted to include important symbols and stories from their relationship, and they sent poetry, playlists, and astronomical lore to inspire me. Both designs pushed and challenged me, and I am incredibly proud of what I created with each of them. It’s an eye-catching and unique wedding set that holds so much meaning and celebrates their love story.” -Designer Christine

Two Stone Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Two rose cut diamonds are swept up in two swirling wrap settings in this astrological-inspired ring with star engraving and golden filigree curls designed to compliment the wedding band featured above.

Designer: Christine • Sketch: Chelsea • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Dat Le

Swirl Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

An oval diamond is framed by swirling curls of gold accented with melee diamonds in this fantastical engagement ring. There are more cluster style rings to come in this Best of 2023 collection!

Designer: Chelsea • CAD: Britt • Jeweler: Kyle

Marquise Diamonds

Pierced Vintage Marquise Diamond Halo

This floating halo features arcs of milgrain accented with shared prong diamond trios to create an airy frame for a two carat marquise diamond. Milgrain halos are a lovely way to add vintage sparkle to a classic ring. Another stunning piece from Designer Sophia at our Seattle studio!

Designer: Sophia • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Dat Le

Rose Gold Vine Marquise Engagement Ring

This lovely marquise diamond ring features clusters of smaller marquise and rose gold vine swirls framed by asymmetrical beadset pavé. With a fairy tale feel, this ring features so many of our favorite design elements that have been popular from our Best of 2023 this year, clusters of diamonds, delicate swirls, and marquise diamonds.

Designer: Rebecca • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Christopher

Pave Diamond Marquise Engagement Ring

Graduating diamonds accent the shoulders of this striking ring holding a four carat marquise diamond center. The band features marquise shapes formed from meandering strands of milgrain accented by small melee diamonds. The underside of the ring features pave diamonds adorning the structure of the pointed prongs. This engagement ring is an absolute stunner!

Designer: Sophia • CAD: Yasamin • Jeweler: Christopher

Vintage Filigree Marquise Diamond Ring

A scalloped pave band frames an exquisite marquise diamond with filigree detailed gallery in this intricate antique inspired piece from Seattle Designer Rebecca.

Designer: Rebecca • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Dat Le


Emerald Leaf Engagement Ring with Gold Filigree Vines

Custom-cut emerald leaves glow in this absolutely stunning botanical design with golden filigree details and an Edwardian silhouette from Designer Chelsea. Collaborate with Chelsea through a Design Page to start your own breathtaking ring.

Designer: Chelsea • Detailing: Ayden • Jeweler: Henry

Vine Engraved Mobius Band

An additional Best of 2023 variation to the mobius ring features intricate leaves and vines spanning across the polished surface of this modern canvas. We love all the directions you can take this twisting design with hand engraving.

Designer: Sophia • Sketch: Chelsea • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Amber

Monstera Leaf Wrap Engagement Ring

This iteration of a favorite ring from our studio features the addition of pierced Monstera leaves! We love helping couples personalize rings from our collection to suit their style… and plant obsessions.

Designer: Ellen • Sketch: Chelsea • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Joseph • Inside Engraving: Tim

Botanical Vine Gallery Engagement Ring

This stunning five-stone design features an intricate side gallery accented with teal sapphires and diamonds nestled among delicate filigree curls and cast leaves. The colors of the gemstones add to the botanical feel of this breathtakingly detailed design.

Designer: Brooke • Sketch: Chelsea • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Henry


Gemstone Dragon Ring

This custom rose gold dragon ring is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. At the heart of this captivating piece are two shield-shaped stones, one padparadscha-colored sapphire and one color change alexandrite, that form the majestic wings of the dragon. The dragon’s tail is adorned with a dazzling pear-cut sapphire.

Designer: Sophia • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Dat Le

Dragon Claw Signet

A radiant diamond is surrounded by lapis inlay and held by a dragon’s claw in this unique signet style ring. Two dragons and textured scales form the band of this fantasy-inspired design fit for any dragon aficionado.

Designer: Christine • Sketch: Chelsea • Wax: Bruce • Jeweler: Dat Le • Inside Engraving: Tim

Elongated Diamonds

Radiant Diamond Fan Ring

A radiant diamond is framed by bead set pave fans in a geometric Art Deco style. Wheat engraving flows seamlessly from the points of each fan in this elegant ring from designer Sophie at our Seattle studio.

Designer: Sophie • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Christopher

Yellow & Cushion Diamond Ring

This exquisite custom-crafted 18kt yellow gold ring from Designer Britt at our Bellevue studio is nothing short of a dazzling masterpiece. At its heart lies a double-prong set cushion-shaped diamond framed by two trapezoid yellow diamonds. Fishtail set diamonds edge the band of this ring and highlight the gallery adorned with two curls hand-engraved with intricate wing details.

Designer & CAD: Britt • Jeweler: Christopher


Castle & Thistle Band

A castle with golden windows and thistles encircles this scenic wedding band from Designer Brooke at our Bellevue studio. We love when custom jewelry transports you to magical places.

Designer: Brooke • Jeweler: Justin

Seashell & Starfish Engagement Ring

“A wedding set fit for a mermaid!” says Designer Rebecca of this oceanic inspired design. The engagement ring features a three-stone arrangement of marquise and pear-shaped diamonds held by teal sapphire accented starfish. Intricately carved seashells, urchins, sand dollars, and barnacles peppered with diamonds and teal sapphires encrust the band. The accompanying wedding band to this engagement ring features two whales who meet with a kiss while waves swirl behind them. This ring reminds us of golden days spent along the seaside.

Designer: Rebecca • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Tim

Virginia Wedding Band

This custom gold band features a hand-engraving inspired by Chincoteague, Virginia. The scenic landscape includes a lighthouse along the shore, horses running up a sandy coastline, and marshmallow flowers blooming in the sun.

Designer: Chelsea • Jeweler: Tim


Rising Phoenix Engagement Ring

A truly unique engagement ring featuring a lavender cushion cut sapphire with details rendered in platinum and 14K rose gold, including both Lalibela and Axum Crosses, a Hansa, a lily a Phoenix, and a mountain range to signify adventure. Beneath the stone is a “seed of life” surrounded in milgrain and set with diamonds.

Designer: Rebecca • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Dat Le

Feather Engraved Mobius Ring

This mobius band features intricate feather engraving patterns. Collaborate with one of our designers to create your own meaningful and artistic engraving pattern.

Designer: Sophie • CAD: Inae • Jeweler: Tim

Cluster Rings

Salt and Pepper Blue Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

A striking salt and pepper rose cut diamond is the center of this cluster ring with blue diamond accents. Making a cluster-style ring at Green Lake Jewelry Works means you can customize all the gemstones to be your dream combination!

Designer: Ellen • CAD: Kelsey


Falling Blossoms in the Wind Wedding Band

Cherry blossoms swirling in the wind were the inspiration for this beautiful men’s wedding band. Alexandrite and black diamond signify the couple represented by their birthstones and the little white diamonds in the cherry blossoms represent the family of pets they share together.

Designer: Rebecca • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Amber

Hexagonal Diamond Rose Ring

Inspired by one of our most popular halo settings, this floral ring by Designer Erich at our Bellevue studio is a beautiful twist on a favorite. A distinctive hexagonal diamond and ribbons of pavé across the shoulders add a dynamic sparkle to this rose gold bloom. The matching wedding band asymmetrically adds gorgeous diamond leaves to frame the flower.

Designer: Erich • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Christopher

Emerald Vine & Flower Engagement Ring

A bezel-set marquise emerald is framed by delicate wildflowers with diamond centers growing from twisting vines. Carved rosemary sprigs are placed around the band and carved leaves add to the ‘greenery’ of this garden-inspired ring. A truly captivating emerald design from Ben at our Bellevue studio.

Designer: Ben • Jeweler: Robert

Willow and Lily Engagement Ring

This square-shaped men’s wedding band is the perfect canvas for a custom engraving! Designer Rebecca collaborated with her client to create a unique pattern with lilies and lavender to celebrate their time spent together in Washington state. “My client knew he had to have a Lab created Alexandrite as soon as I mentioned it,” said Rebecca, “because his fiance’s name is Alexandra!”

Designer: Rebecca • Jeweler: Dat Le

Hidden Halo

Paisley Diamond Hidden Halo

Designer Chelsea created this solitaire as part of a gorgeous series of hidden halo engagement rings to feature in the studio. We adore the detailed paisley pattern visible from the side face of this classic rose gold solitaire.

Designer: Chelsea • CAD: Inae • Jeweler: Christopher

Golden Diamond Lattice Halo Ring

This exquisite anniversary ring features a chevron-shaped hidden halo accented by an Art Deco milgrain lattice. The side faces of the band feature geometric bright cutting of a linear pattern into the matte finish.

Designer: Sophie • Sketch: Chelsea • CAD: Michelle • Jeweler: Christopher

Modern Pave Prong Engagement Ring

An elegant diamond set prong twists through the gallery of this enchanting modern-style oval diamond ring from designer Ben at our Bellevue studio. This ring is a timeless classic!

Designer: Ben • Jeweler: Henry & Christopher


Mokumé-Gane Hexagonal Sapphire Ring

This unique wedding band from Designer Chelsea features a hexagonal sapphire set atop a channel of mokumé-gane. Jeweler Shayna, said “It’s interesting to take mokumé-gane outside the boundaries of what you see as traditional mokumé-gane. It’s exciting to re-contextualize it in a more modern or contemporary aesthetic.” We love how striking both the mokumé-gane and gemstone are in this one-of-a-kind patterned band!

Designer: Chelsea • Jeweler: Shayna

Salt and Pepper Diamond Signet

This statement signet style ring from Designer Ellen at our Bellevue studio features a hexagonal salt and pepper diamond accented by a trio or graduating grey diamonds and one black diamond. Sharp crisp lines from the bezel and knife edge further accentuate the unique geometry of the rose cut center stone.

Designer: Ellen • CAD: Michelle • Jeweler: Mac

Sapphire Kite & Champagne Halo Engagement Ring

A unique bi-color Montana sapphire is the center of this asymmetrical halo ring with champagne diamonds and tapered gold beading. Milgrain edges add to the eclectic charm of this one-of-a-kind gemstone ring.

Designer: Ellen • CAD: Britt • Jeweler: Amber

Technologic Sapphire Ring

Chelsea’s client wanted a design that was Afro-futuristic. He liked modern / geometric styles, but he also wanted to incorporate floral/vine imagery to connect his ring with his wife’s ring that was the banner design from our Best of 2021! “We used a combination of different geometric shaped sapphires in a range of colors arranged in a mosaic-like pattern to reference African art, like the house painting of the Ndebele tribe,” said Chelsea.

Designer: Chelsea • CAD: Yasamin • Jeweler: Dat Le

Bi-Color Sapphire Ring

A hexagonal bi-color sapphire is the stunning center of this both modern and vintage ring. Accent melee diamonds and teal sapphires add to the contrast of light and dark seen in the center stone.

Designer & CAD: Britt • Jeweler: Jack


Rose Gold Engraved Pearl Drop Earrings

These ornate rose gold earrings from Designer Chelsea feature sculpted swirl and leaf motifs engraved with an elegant vintage scroll pattern.

Designer: Chelsea • CAD: Kelsey • Jeweler: Tim

Pierced Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring

Criss-crossing pavé arches filled with bead set diamonds are accented by princess cut diamonds and gentle curls. Every angle of this ring is so expertly crafted. It’s a divine example of what a brand new antique ring made at Green Lake can be!

Designer: Chelsea • CAD: Nayoung • Jeweler: Dat Le

Montana Sapphire Briolette Pendant

An exquisitely faceted 2.65 carat teal Montana sapphire briolette is the shining centerpiece of this Art-Deco inspired necklace masterfully handcrafted in luxurious platinum. The briolette is held by a scalloped diamond pavé cap that dangles from a pierced bead-set diamond circle with ribbons of diamonds to attach a fine chain. This piece was designed and made in the Bellevue studio of Green Lake Jewelry Works.

Designer: Alesha • CAD: Yasamin • Jeweler: Marc