Best of 2022

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This year, our clients brought an exciting array of inspiration to our studio! Designers were thrilled to take their rough ideas and turn them into tangible heirlooms, in collaboration with our talented team of CAD designers and jewelers at the bench. We hope you will be as inspired by these designs as we were while creating them for all our Green Lake Couples!

Animal Inspired

Cicada Pendant

Designer: Ellen CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Shayna

This pendant is truly one-of-a-kind! This 18kt white gold cicada pendant is set with moonstone eyes, a brilliant blue emerald-cut sapphire, and round and marquise diamonds. The exquisite pierced wings actually move, and feature hand-engraving and milgrain detail.

Manta Ray Ring

Designer: Rebecca CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Tim

Two manta rays swim in a sea of hand-fabricated filigree curls and bead-set diamonds. Two-tone fabrication adds depth to the overall composition. A fitting inscription on the inside reads “Dive buddies for life.”

Peacock Sapphire Anniversary Ring

Designer: Vinh CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Dat Le

A deep teal Montana sapphire is held within rich 18kt yellow gold. The teardrop-shaped prongs at the north and south position are engraved to resemble a peacock, with filigree-feather plumage fanning in the gallery. Glittering bead-set diamonds form a geometric teardrop pattern in the shoulders.

Tanzanite Bat Halo Ring

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Dat Le

A scalloped halo of diamond bats wrap their wings around a kite-set cushion tanzanite, and a delicately pierced under-gallery adorns this intricate animal-inspired ring. Rose gold bats add colorful detail to the unique squared band.

Vintage Peacock Ring

Designer: Ben CAD: Thomas Jeweler: Justin

This hand-engraved peacock ring features pear-cut blue topaz and round emerald melee as colorful feathers. The gorgeous blue and green shades are further enhanced by the eye-catching warmth of 14kt rose gold.

Botanical Inspired

Acanthus Sapphire Ring

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Inae Jeweler: Dat Le

Golden acanthus leaves swirl across an engraved platinum frame to hold a deep blue cushion-cut sapphire. Delicate filigree curls accented with diamonds add to the sparkle and charm of this botanical design.

Golden Leaf And Opal Pendant

Designer: Erich CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Marc

A client wanted to create a pendant for a unique family gemstone. This stunning diamond-shaped white opal is framed by layers and layers of golden leaves and berries. We love helping our clients bring new life to heirloom gems!

Green Sapphire And Vine Engagement Ring

Designer: Christine CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Henry

A vivid green pear-cut sapphire is framed by curling 14kt rose gold vines, wrapped around sparkling green diamond melee. Organic leaves and hand-fabricated filigree swirls add to the enchanting structure of this organic ring design.

Tree of Life Pendant

Designer: Rebecca CAD: Thomas Wax Carving: Megan & Bruce Jeweler: Mac

This meaningful two-tone Tree of Life pendant has such a special story! GLJW originally created this client’s wedding set in 2015, and she came back to us to create a pendant setting for the stones from her grandmother’s wedding set. Taking details and inspiration from her own engagement ring, we created a golden tree filled with bezel-set diamonds, surrounded by a white gold frame.

Fiddlehead Fern Wedding Ring

Designer: Erich CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Robert

Two delicately engraved platinum fiddlehead ferns frame an angular rose-cut kite-shaped diamond in this two-tone wedding ring. We love the combination of the two-tone design with the striking salt-and-pepper diamond at the center.

Colorful Gradient

Toi Et Moi Sapphire & Filigree Ring

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Dat Le

A swirling wrap setting holds a duet of sparkling diamonds, framed by dainty hand-fabricated filigree curls. Rolling waves fill each shoulder with a gradient of bead-set sapphires and diamonds.

Marquise Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring

Designer: Sophia CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Dat Le

A spectacular marquise diamond is framed by blue sapphire marquise-cut accent stones and delicate swirls of platinum. A gradient of sapphires creates a graceful wave throughout the band.

Cultural Jewelry

Christian Egyptian Ankh Ram Pendant

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Robert, Tim, Shayna, Ayden

An alluring bi-color sapphire is set between two rams in this stunning pendant, featuring Egyptian and Christian icons. Custom-cut lapis adds geometric contrast to this brilliant golden piece.

“I had been thinking about the original design for a little over a year, and I had wanted to create a pendant that represented by my Egyptian culture and Christian beliefs. Chelsea really listened to my input and came up with a unique design for my pendant that harmonized these ideals… I had envisioned this piece for so long and it turned out better than imagined. I wanted a piece of jewelry to pass down that represented my ideals, and this one will do that forever!” – Aaron P.

Vietnam Wedding Ring

Designer: Brooke CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Justin

Inspired by the landscape of Vietnam, this scenic ring features a golden pagoda (Thien Mu), golden bamboo, and a boatman with a golden nón lá (hat) against a platinum background. A carving of Mount Rainier brings the landscape full circle, bridging two homes together in one ring.

Fantasy Inspired

Pink Sapphire Skull Ring

Designer: Sophie CAD: Inae Jeweler: Dat Le

Kite-shaped prongs with diamond accents hold a delicate pink oval sapphire in this stunning pierced design. From the meandering rose vines encircling framed skulls, to the unexpected pop of fuchsia within the gleaming platinum setting; what a fantastic story this ring tells.

Blooming Sword Pendant

Designer: Sophie CAD: Thomas Casting: Bruce Jeweler: Dat Le

This stunning pendant design has our fairy-tale loving hearts swooning! A blooming rose in 14kt rose gold holds a pink tourmaline center, bursting forth from emerald accented vines growing across the blade of the sword. We love the subtle touch of the sapphire-encrusted hilt!

Sparkling Stars

“Etoile Et Lune” Toi Et Moi Ring

Designer: Christine CAD: Britt Jeweler: Dennis

This romantic Toi et Moi Ring features a delicate crisscross trellis, with a charming hidden crescent moon and star detail. Can’t decide between the glitter of diamond or the rich color of a sapphire? This design might just be the perfect solution!

North Star Ring

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Thomas Jeweler: Robert

When you find the love that becomes your true north, not just any ring design will do. Bezel-set in classic 14kt yellow gold, this scintillating oval diamond is framed by two pierced shooting stars. Each line is made bolder with hand-fabricated milgrain beading.

Three Stone Diamond

Kite Diamond Three Stone

Designer: Christine CAD: Inae Jeweler: Mac

A client was hoping to create a clean, modern engagement ring design to surprise his fiancée-to-be. An elegant radiant diamond is framed by the sharp geometry of two kite-cut diamonds in this stunning three-stone ring. We love the hidden touch of her amethyst birthstone being tucked inside the ring!

Oval Half-Moon Diamond Three Stone Ring

Designer: Sophia CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Dat Le

Framed by half-moon diamonds and interwoven strands of glittering French-set diamond melee, this classic three-stone platinum engagement ring has so much intriguing detail, no matter where you look.

Green Sapphires

Graduated Halo Sapphire Ring

Designer: Rebecca CAD: Michelle Jeweler: Mac

A deep green emerald-cut sapphire is framed by a halo of melee in graduated sizes, which creates a gentle curve and fan to the halo, contrasting with the center gem’s linear geometry. The shared rose gold prongs add a delicate beading to this classic halo engagement ring.

Art Deco Sapphire Engagement Ring

Designer: Ben CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Justin

An intriguing blue-green oval Montana sapphire sits at the heart of this Art Deco inspired engagement ring, with overlapping pierced details with accent diamonds in bead and channel settings. Bezel-set baguette diamonds add a geometric sparkle.

Vintage-Inspired Diamond Jewelry

Art Deco Two-Tone Halo Ring

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Dat Le

This two-tone Art Deco inspired engagement ring features an old European cut diamond center in a rose gold bezel, surrounded by a halo of baguette and round diamonds in platinum. Hand-crafted milgrain beading runs along every surface, adding texture and the all-important vintage feel.

Edwardian Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer: Pia CAD: Inae Jeweler: Dat Le & Alexis

This breathtaking Edwardian-inspired engagement ring features interweaving ribbons of diamonds, creating delicate piercings in its domed silhouette. The center diamond feels showcased in such a singular way, even while the rest of the setting is covered in such intricate detail!

“Tuxedo” Double Halo Engagement Ring

Designer: Lena CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Marc

Inspired by the stark, crisp lines of Art Deco architecture, this double halo engagement ring features tapered baguettes, pear cut, and round diamonds for an elegant sparkle. The gorgeous contrast of the black diamonds really helps the design to pop!

Vintage Halo Earrings

Designer & CAD: Britt Jeweler: Vesko

It’s easy to assume that we only make custom engagement and wedding rings, but we make all kinds of jewelry! These elegant vintage-inspired drop diamond earrings feature round diamonds surrounded by a delicate cushion-shaped halo. Bead-set melee is outlined in beautiful milgrain in this classic pair of earrings.

Celebrating LGBTQIA+

Trans Pride Bracelet

Designer: Rebecca Jeweler: Tim

We are honored to help our clients celebrate not just their love stories, but their identities. This unique 14kt yellow gold bracelet features elegant hand-engraved peacock feathers. An eye-catching line of Swiss blue topaz, pink sapphire, and diamonds channel set across the top in the pattern of the Trans Pride flag.

Bi-Pride Flag Sapphire Ring

Designer: Rebecca CAD: Inae Jeweler: Mac

This 14kt yellow gold wrap ring features pink, purple, and blue sapphires to celebrate the colors of a bisexual pride flag. Intricate vines and milgrain beading add to an organic flow, and the colors of the gems really pop against the beautiful golden setting.

Pride Rainbow Band

Designer: Christine CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Dennis

Inspired by the bearings on a roller skate wheel (celebrating the client’s roller derby team), a rainbow of diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine, and amethyst are set in the side of this matte band! There are so many ways to celebrate and tell your story in a custom piece of jewelry.

Golden Engagement Rings

Golden Art Nouveau Ring

Designer: Lena CAD: Thomas Jeweler: Vesko

This 18kt yellow gold ring features a raised geometric pattern lined in milgrain. The front gallery of the ring features the sweeping figure of a woman, carved in an Art Nouveau style. Creating a custom ring means creating a wearable piece of art, and we take joy in bringing your unique vision to life!

Golden Strand And Marquise Diamond Ring

Designer: Sophie CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Dat Le

Sinuous strands of 18kt yellow gold twist and wrap to create an organic band and trellis gallery for a gorgeous marquise diamond. The design of this setting feels so delicate, but is hand-crafted to be strong enough to wear every single day.

Laurel Diamond Shadow Bands

Designer: Ellen CAD: Nayoung Jeweler: Amber

Sometimes, one contour band just won’t do! In this pair of charming shadow bands, marquise diamonds create delicate laurel leaves to crown and frame a stunning french-set halo engagement ring .

If you are dreaming of the perfect custom engagement ring, create a Design Page and start designing with one of our talented designers!

From simple to complex pieces, our designers are experts at leading the way through your project, so by the end, you’re delighted seeing what you imagined come to life. By collaborating with you and discovering your style, hobbies, and interests, we’re able to better tailor your design to make sure it’s the perfect fit. What’s most amazing about this design process is that we don’t just leave this up to pre-made templates and CAD files; this is a personalized experience tailored to you! Each iteration and adjustment is made on the feedback you give us, to create a tangible work of art that’s exactly your style.