Best of 2019: The Top 20 Ring Designs

Every year at Green Lake Jewelry Works brings new milestones, new stories, and new artistic achievements. Here are our top 19 most memorable designs created in 2019, chosen by our designers to share with you.

1. Mandala Halo Ring

This spectacular platinum engagement ring is filled with the most intricate, dazzling detail! A light green hexagonal Montana Sapphire is surrounded by a burst of pear-cut diamonds, marquis sapphires, and 18k yellow gold filigree curls. 142463

Designer: Chelsea K. CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Mac Q.

2. Modern Three-Stone Ring and Fanned Diamond Ringuard Set

This stunning three-stone Montana sapphire engagement ring is perfectly matched by a unique ring jacket. Featuring a pierced fan motif, rose cut salt-and-pepper diamonds bring a touch of the unexpected, with hand-fabricated milgrain edging every detail. 136926

Designer: Amber CAD: Inae Jeweler: Al

3. Marquise Diamond and Oval Pavée Halo

If you are wondering what defines a “statement” piece, look no further!
This breathtaking platinum halo ring features french-set diamonds circling a stunning oval diamond center. Glittering marquis-cut diamonds form the shoulders, meeting at a prong-set round diamond, with a pierced marquise shape that has french set diamond melee on the strands. 133566

Designer: Ben CAD: Inae Jeweler: Henry

4. Family Diamond Ring

Needing to create a piece that would house several beloved family diamonds, this gorgeous ring is a fascinating mix of a halo and a cluster ring. Set in platinum, a sparkling trio of diamonds is grouped with shared prongs at the NSEW positions of the round brilliant center diamond. 143945

Designer: Ellen CAD: Thomas Jeweler: Dat Le

5. Vintage Emerald Pear Ring

A pear-shaped emerald is the focal point of this stunning vintage ring with filigree and diamond pavé details. Every fine detail of this ring from the engraving to milgrain, and filigree was hand fabricated at the bench of Master jewelry Dat Le. 137469

Designer: Rebecca CAD: Kelsey Wax Work: Megan Jeweler: Dat Le

6. Emerald Three-Stone Ring

This regal diamond and emerald three-stone ring is a sight to behold. Set in platinum, the classic step-cuts of the center diamond are emphasized by two emerald side stones. Pierced diamond-shaped openings on each side face add a further touch of geometry, and a hand-engraved half wheat pattern extends eternity style around the remainder of both side faces. 139017

Designer: Derek CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Dat Le

7. Hand-Engraved Leaf and Vine Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring was inspired by a climbing rose, and at the request of the client was designed to be asymmetrical. The finished design holds a three carat oval sapphire center in fine leaf prongs, framed by delicate curling filigree that flow into hand-engraved vines. The matte finish of the ring contrasts with the polished finish of the leaves and vines adding dimension and highlighting the jeweler’s carefully crafted natural elements. 142100

Designer & CAD: Michelle L. Jeweler: Mac Q.

8. Rustic Leaf and Diamond Vine Ring

The rustic feel of this engagement ring was achieved by developing a new texture technique, where the base of the ring was designed in CAD and then wax was added to the surface and textured before casting to give a mottled ‘bark’ texture to the surface. The crisscrossing branches of this ring create an openness that is accented by vintage old-mine cut diamonds and hand-engraved leaves.

Designer: Rebecca P. CAD: Kelsey K.
Hand Wax Carver: Bruce M. Jeweler: Henri R.

One of my favorite rings of the spring engagement season! Henri’s soft touch created a beautiful finish; gently highlighting the raised areas with a light polish while retaining a matte, natural look in the crevasses to really bring the dimension to life. The client’s family old-mine cut diamonds, with their beautiful imperfectly perfect facets, are the perfect fit for this nature-inspired ring.

9. Seal and Swirl Engagement Ring

With the menagerie of animals we’ve created at Green Lake Jewelry Works, we could fill a zoo! This captivating platinum ring, with a hybrid style wrap/prong setting, holds a rich oval-cut purple sapphire center stone. The asymmetrical design features a glossy seal diving down one side of the ring, with its tail partially forming the center setting. A pierced curling motif flows through the ring, accented with sparkling diamonds and sapphires. 141079

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Kelsey Engraving: Celeste Jeweler: Al

10. Owl and Dragon Engagement Ring

This ring really is the stuff of legends! A detailed platinum dragon and owl guard a deep blue round Montana sapphire, held in their outstretched wings. One look into their intense emerald and ruby eyes inspires awe. With a Celtic Trinity knot at the base of the center stone and hand-engraved Rune lettering inside the band, this ring is filled with deeply personal symbols. 139083

Designer: Vinh CAD: Kelsey Hand Wax Carver: Megan
Engraving/Texture: Eric H. Jeweler: Mac Q.

11. Filigree Quatrefoil Halo Engagement Ring

Halo rings are a perennial favorite in our studios, but 2019 brought some particularly stunning rose gold versions! This quatrefoil-inspired design features a sparkling oval diamond with prongs at the NSEW position, bead-set diamonds across the top face, and delicate filigree curls filling every pierced section and the undergallery. 136797

Designer: Chelsea CAD: Inae Jeweler: Dat Le

12. Compass Rose Halo

This romantic design glows with warmth and beauty. With purple rhodolite garnets set at the NSEW points of the compass, and carved rose gold hearts and filigree curls on each shoulder, we can’t think of a sweeter way to tell her that she’s your true north. 132569

Designer: Mitch CAD: Thomas M. Jeweler: Robert

13. Pierced Lotus Filigree Halo

The petal-inspired pierced side gallery of this ring takes our breath away! A rich champagne cushion-cut diamond is set within a french-set halo, further enhanced by the warm hues of rose gold. A row of glittering bead-set diamonds is held within a delicate filigree curl, and the shape of the petals is echoed by a bezel-set pear cut diamond. 133792

Designer: Sophia CAD: Kelsey Jeweler: Dat Le

14. Radiant Canary Diamond Ring

The stunning platinum Moroccan-inspired halo engagement ring is the definition of a showstopper! Two levels of bead-set diamonds form scalloped halos, edged in milgrain with yellow diamonds twinkling at each corner. At the center, a singular canary yellow radiant-cut diamond is bezel set in 18k yellow gold. 139259

Designer: Lena CAD: Kelsey Milgrain: Colin Jeweler: Caitlin W.

15. Golden Line Sapphire Engagement Ring

This entire design of this striking ring was inspired by the Montana sapphire at the center, which was cut here at Green Lake by our lapidary, Daniel C. Rutile-like inclusions of trapped iron create beautiful golden streaks across the interior of the gem. Flat-edged gold crosses at the shoulders to create an open band that frames the angled placement of the center gemstone. The result is a truly modern engagement ring. 138335

Lapidary: Dan C. Designer: Ashley Y. CAD: Thomas M. Jeweler: Eric H.

16. Maple Relief and Engraved Thumbprint Band

A fiancée’s hand-engraved fingerprints create a meaningful backdrop for the focal point of this unique maple leaf wedding band. Each matte-gold maple leaf was cast separately and affixed to the surface at the jeweler’s bench to create this one-of-a-kind band. 142355

Designer: Sophia CAD: Michelle L. Jeweler: Henri R.
Inside Engraving: Eric H.

17. Iconic Anime and Gamer’s Wedding Band

Inspired by imagery from the couple’s favorite anime film and video games, this ring represents a graphic interpretation of the hobbies that brought them together. Shooting comets burst through and dance across swirling clouds in this sentimental rose gold wedding band. 138820

Designer: Chelsea K. Jeweler: Joe W.

18. Scenic Japan Inspired Band

This Japanese inspired band was created to illustrate the client’s favorite legend about a koi swimming upstream. Rose gold ginger flowers were added next to a Tori gate, as they will be included in her wedding bouquet. Japanese engraving among the cherry blossoms states: ai shiteiru (I love you). 138675

‘According to Japanese legend, if a koi fish succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon.’ 

Designer: Sophia S. CAD: Inae C. Jeweler: Celeste T.

19. Green Gold Hopvine Scroll Band

As punchy as a PNW IPA, inlaid green gold creates the vibrant pattern of a peak summer hop ready to be harvested. Crafted by jeweler Colin, this Hopvine band is reminiscent of the vintage scroll patterns Green Lake is known for, yet has been reinterpreted with fresh-hops as the focal point to be celebrated. Perfect for any beer connoisseur, we love having this band as design inspiration on tap. 132522

Designer: Ashlen J. CAD: Usiel Hand Wax Carver: Megan Jeweler: Colin S.

20. Sapphire Lake & Bear Band

Inspired by the eternally popular backpacker’s paradise, the Enchantments, this ring features a Montana sapphire “lake” set among platinum mountains dotted with hand-engraved trees. On the other side, a hand-detailed bear lumbers across the landscape. 136043

Lapidary: Dan C. Designer: Chelsea C
Hand Wax Carver: Kristi Jeweler: Henri R.