BEAU + TANYA: Talk About A Cool Wedding

A few month’s back Beau, a custom ring client working with Designer Emily J and a professional wildlife photographer doing work for National  Geographic and REI, asked if he might be able to film the setting of his ring. We said, ‘OF COURSE!’ Later on Beau sent us his wedding ‘video’ that looks more like a feature film, and we were so happy to see his wife Tanya wearing the ring – A sapphire wrap with this really cool texture on the bottom to resemble the glacier that became such a big part of their story.

A Glacier’s Path – The Ceremony Story from Beau Sylte on Vimeo.

This sapphire wrap ring is unique in that the smooth bumps along the base of the ring to signify the walls of a glacial tunnel were formed into the model of which the ring was cast, rather than simply hammered in at the end. This approach achieved not just the look the client was after, but also ensures it will stay that way through  the ages.