Parti Sapphires

Bi-color & parti gemstones are a fascinating demonstration of the effects of a changing natural environment during the formation of a given stone. People are often familiar with the unique charm of bi-color tourmaline, but not many know about the gorgeous variety of bi-color and parti and sapphires. Bi-color sapphires have a mix of two […]

Leap Day Proposals

Happy Leap Day! February 29, 2024 Every four years, we add a day to the calendar to account for the fact the Earth does not complete an orbit around the sun in exactly 365 days. This ‘Leap Day’ is a day to compensate for this time difference and to prevent our seasons from shifting later […]

Historical Periods of Jewelry

While all of the jewelry we make at Green Lake Jewelry Works are brand new custom pieces, many of our designs are inspired by or draw elements from classic antique styles of jewelry. The phrase “antique-inspired” covers a huge range of history, so we thought it would be fun to briefly visit a few iconic […]

Fabricating Filigree

Filigree is a jewelry-making technique that dates back as far as 2500 B.C, and examples of this type of work are seen in many cultures across history. From the latin word “filum” for thread, it describes ornamental work of fine wire (typically gold or silver) formed into delicate tracery. For ages, the art of handcrafted […]

Traditional Celtic Jewelry Motifs

Whether it’s inspired by ancestry or lineage, love of swirling and intricate knots and braids, or just an ardor for all the romance and lore that Ireland represents, Green Lake couples look to traditional Celtic design to bring depth and meaning to their custom wedding rings. Here are just a few of our favorite Celtic […]

Best Rings of 2018

This unique collection of engagement rings marks an eventful year of custom design from our Bellevue and Seattle studios. From ornate to floral, vintage to contemporary, we are excited to inspire you with this collection of custom pieces beautifully crafted by our expert designers and jewelers. We adore when classic styles come together with contemporary […]