ON THE COVER: Green Lake’s Jeremy Dunn gets more than just his name in print

At Green Lake, Jeremy Dunn is a serious gold and platinumsith.  Replete with meticulous bead-setting and engraving, the stunningly detailed bridal pieces he fashions are a seasoned jeweler’s pragmatism at work. Still, he maintains a stealthy pursuit toward a looser side of jewelry – one that’s unkempt and free of the exacting standards placed on […]

A HELIO SEQUENCE: Green Lake showcases bench artist Amber Worley’s own collection of sterling silver for the holidays

  In addition to the original pieces Amber Worley creates for her clientele at Green Lake, she’s a designer, gemstone setter, and gold & platinumsmith who maintains a personal line of striking pieces which appeal to her own smart aesthetic. 90 percent of the fine jewelry that leaves Green Lake’s doors is entirely custom and […]


What better an anniversary gift to give someone with a passion for henna design than custom pendant of one of the wearer’s proudest works!


Every company has an About tab, where there’s a summary of where they came from, or what they do. Well, to really know what Green Lake Jewelry Works does (and how we do it differently), you have to know how we got to doing it in the first place. Our story is no more heroic […]


This is our very first blog entry. It’s long overdue, really. After all, if there were ever a small business that had something to blog about, it’s Green Lake Jewelry Works. If the aim of a blog is to share some news, present ideas, voice an opinion, or just tell a funny story, then our […]