A LUXE HALLOWEEN : Couture Jewelry that’s Scary Cool

Here are some of the most unique, one-of-a-kind pieces you will ever see in a noble metal. As Halloween approaches, we at Green Lake Jewelry Works are pulling these rings, watches, and necklaces out from the crypt and showcasing their darkly chic appeal. Each were designed and handmade here in our Seattle workshop and are strictly all one-offs, remaining as matchless pieces of wearable art for the ages.


Cast in palladium and exposed to ultra-high heat, Designer T.S. Wittelsbach’s Steampunk Skull Ring radiates retro-futurism through an eerie metallic luster. Mechanically precise details are set with red, green, and white diamonds throughout.

Available exclusively at Green Lake Jewelry Works $20,000.00 – See more on this piece here.



 With a glittering fancy-cut pink tourmaline in its center, this decadent Nouveau-inspired cocktail ring is bejeweled with ideal-cut diamonds and natural rubies that twist and flow in palladium.

Available exclusively at Green Lake Jewelry Works $12,000.00 – See more on this piece here



Drop dead gorgeous, from Designer Sophia Woc – With a waterfall of over 600 black and white diamonds, this delicately hand fabricated palladium necklace is adorned with faceted drops of black onyx and discreetly connected in the back under a black diamond bezel.

Available exclusively at Green Lake Jewelry Works $53,000 – See more on this piece here.  

Lastly, with the inner workings of an antique 1942 Hamilton 922B Military pocket watch encased in 6 oz of heat-treated palladium, The Steampunk Chronograph features an ornately sculpted motif that centers on the Eye of Providence on its reverse. The face, also of solid palladium, shows an meticulously engraved 24-hour clock to keep with astronomical time. In addition, a 5 oz palladium chain connects and moves like a spine, where each link is embellished with masterful ornament. The clasp, which conforms smoothly between one’s fingers, is punctuated with a solitary natural blue sapphire.

Available exclusively at Green Lake Jewelry Works $35,000 – See more on this piece here.  


PHOTOS – Daniel Zetterstrom

MODELS – Jason Coman and Dagna Barrera

HAIR / MAKE UP – Vera Mikhaylik

WARDROBE: Lastwear / Helene Hawthorne Fashions

TEXT – Eric Robertson


About the author:


Eric Robertson is a writer, illustrator and creative lead for Green Lake Jewelry Works.