Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery moves into Green Lake Studios





Since first opening Facèré at the Seattle Sheraton in the early ‘80s, Karen Lorene’s gallery has become a magnet for both emerging and internationally known jewelry artists, who could well display in a museum (and many do).  Over the years she has built a dedicated clientele, an annual publication that celebrates jewelry and literature, and a reputation for carefully curated shows. After 46 years in business and with a lease nearing its renewal, Karen considered retiring. The prospect of closing the gallery signaled the end of an era.


Green Lake Jewelry Works, another nationally recognized institution for fine jewelry-making, took note of Karen’s retirement. Green Lake’s founder and CEO Jim Tuttle and Karen co-judged a prestigious design award in years past, and Green Lake’s jewelers have shown work at Facèré. Like many artists, Jim was saddened at the prospect of losing such an iconic establishment and suggested Karen expand the gallery rather than close it — specifically within the Green Lake studios in Bellevue and north Seattle.




The Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle’s City Centre building will relocate in January 2019.


In a recent turn of events, Karen will not retire. Facèré will not close its doors after all. This January, the ever-changing collection of art jewelry at Facèré — and its longtime curators — will move into dedicated areas within Green Lake’s locations, which are already part showroom and part artist’s workshop. A lifetime legacy of art, publications and shows will carry on.


The expansion of Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery will be announced at Karen’s preplanned retirement party on Wednesday, November 14 at 5 pm in the lobby of the City Centre building. Over 300 of the gallery’s enthusiasts will attend and celebrate the announcement.




A Facèré Reopening Reception is schedule for Wednesday, February 6, 2019 from 5pm to 7pm at Green Lake Jewelry Works 25 Bellevue Way SE – more details to come.



Contact Pia Giambrone for more information: pia@greenlakejewelry.com